Swallowtail Butterfly Brooch

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So beautiful with its cream and black markings set off with splashes of blue and red and extravagant pointed wings, the Swallowtail butterfly is the UK's largest native butterfly, but also one of the rarest. 

This magnificent embroidered and hand-painted brooch is an artistic interpretation of the Swallowtail butterfly, turning the beauty of nature into a conversation-piece fashion accessory. Crafted in soft faux suede and cotton organdie this fabulous three-dimensional brooch makes a versatile addition to your wardrobe and is one of Vikki’s British butterfly collection. 

Pin it onto a dress or jumper, attach one or two to a hat, or use the Swallowtail to stylishly secure a scarf or throw. And don’t stop there – the Swallowtail can add interest to your home too, bringing natural style and colour to cushions, throws, lampshades, curtains and much more.

It measures 9cm x 6 cm and is presented in a 9cm-square gift box with information about the butterfly on the reverse.