The Vegan Lifestyle Journal by Sadie Jade

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All you need to feel confident and empowered to become an ethical vegan, this book is packed full of info, tips, and tricks that make going vegan easier than ever! Designed in bitesize chapters alongside journal prompts, work your way through to learn how and why ethical veganism affects food, clothing, social events, cleaning, and more, and find out how to easily apply the bits that are most important to you in your everyday life. So whatever your motivation for going vegan, be it animals, health, or the planet, this book has everything you need to get started. 

Chapters included in the book: 

Introduction to ethical veganism 



Personal care 


Tools for Success 


"A comprehensive and constructive guide for all those who are thinking of going vegan. Step-by-step support for progress, rather than perfection." 

- Animal Aid