Rat Trap by Dr Pandora Pound

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With devastating logic and clarity, Dr Pandora Pound, Research Director at Safer Medicines Trust, comprehensively dismantles the case for animal research, bringing to an end the 150-year-old debate about its value once and for all. Focusing on the science rather than animal suffering – and including no distressing details – she provides a riveting account of how the practice became so well established, before proceeding to painstakingly reveal the futility and shockingly poor quality of most animal studies. 

Medical progress is being thwarted by an obsolete and harmful practice, but Pound showcases the awe-inspiring technologies, both old and new, that would revolutionise medicine if only it could escape the stranglehold of animal research. Rat Trap slays the many myths about animal research and shows that, far from being a necessary evil, it is one of the most important and urgent scientific issues of our time. 

About the author:

Dr Pandora Pound has a PhD in the Sociology of Medicine and over two decades experience of conducting research. For many years she worked in medical schools and was always aware that somewhere in the depths of the buildings were laboratories that housed animals for use in medical experiments. Intrigued that the practice was shrouded in secrecy, she decided to find out more about the science. Her investigations resulted in Rat Trap. Here she slays the many myths about animal research, revealing the shockingly poor quality and futility of most animal studies and arguing that medical progress and human health are thwarted by this harmful practice.