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Why Animal Suffering Matters by Andrew Linzey

Why Animal Suffering Matters by Andrew Linzey

This latest work by our patron, Andrew Linzey, skilfully interweaves ethical argument, systematic analysis and destructive criticism of public documents on hunting with dogs, fur farming and commercial sealing. He argues that inflicting suffering on animals is as unjustifiable as on human infants. Animals, like young children, should be given a special moral status, because of their vulnerability. He makes the case that animal cruelty can never be morally defensible. This book will have a wide readership and appeal to anyone concerned with the status of animals and the way they are treated.

“This book ranks as one of Andrew Linzey’s finest works and is original and engaging”. Mark Rowlands, University of Miami. 2009. 206pp.

Ref: B917

Price: £16.99
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