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The Face On Your Plate by Jeffrey Masson

The Face On Your Plate by Jeffrey Masson

This revelatory work, by the author of ‘When Elephants Weep’, gives a powerful voice to the voiceless in our food chain and shows how the decisions we make on what to eat, affect not just our own lives, but also those of animals, and the environment. Masson confronts the uncomfortable truth - that the process of turning an animal, who was once a sentient fellow creature, into pork or beef inflicts enormous suffering. He analyses the denial that keeps people from recognising the animal at the end of their fork. Masson’s passionate, ethical arguments for a meat-free diet will convince anyone considering taking this step. While vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters, who want to be more informed about their food choices, will welcome this timely work, which illustrates the most horrific and widespread form of animal abuse. 2009. 256pp

Ref: B910

Price: £11.99
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