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Coconut Truffles

Coconut Truffles

Smooth, melting, dark truffle with delicious, crunchy, coconut pieces.

Delicious and luxurious truffles from a truly ethical and environmentally-friendly company in Wales - Hipo Hyfryd (Happy Hippo).

A thin, harder outer shell enrobes a soft, smooth centre. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth and enjoying the changing flavours and textures of each truffle as it slowly melts and coats your taste buds with rich flavours.

16 truffles per 200g box. Vegan suitable.

Ref: C098

Price: £10.50


Chocolate (sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*, emulsifier - soya lecithin*), Another Chocolate (cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*), coconut, cold pressed sunflower oil*, wheat syrup* (gluten free) and vanilla extract.
*organic ingredient

May contain trace elements of milk:
Hipo Hyfryd uses organic dark chocolate made by a different company that has a factory with two machines. One is for dark chocolate (with vegan ingredients) and the other is for milk chocolate. The only thing connecting these machines is the air in the factory, otherwise they are completely independent of each other. The milk chocolate machine uses a very fine milk powder and some of these particles can potentially be caught in the air currents. This milk powder MAY find its way into the dark chocolate machine. The company tells us that in the very unlikely event of this happening, it would be at most a few parts per million. Consequently, the chocolate has to be labeled as "may contain milk".

A Note on Chocolate Labelling:

All our chocolates are suitable for vegans. Due to EU regulations, any company which produces vegan and non-vegan products, now has to label each item for allergy purposes that it has been made in a factory which handles nut and dairy products, and that the item may contain traces of dairy and nuts. The processes of production and vegan ingredients have not altered.
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