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Specious Science by CR & J Greek

Specious Science by CR & J Greek

How genetics and evolution reveal why medical research on animals harms humans. Hardback.
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While Ray Greek's previous book, Sacred Cows and Golden Geese, is essential reading for everyone, this second volume is aimed more at people with a background or particular interest in science.

It begins by explaining the philosophy of science and the scientific method, in order to expose the use of animals as models of human disease as the pseudoscience that it is. In fact, this practice violates the most fundamental concept in all biology - evolution. The book then goes on to show how the animal model has misled every field of medicine and how the pharmaceutical industry is regulated in the interests of money and at the expense of public health. The chapter on paediatrics is a searing riposte to those charlatans who accuse anti-vivisectionists of condemning sick children to a future without hope of a cure. There are fascinating insights into how progress in medicine has really been made, and the reader is brought right up to date with the state of the art of non-animal medical research.

The book ends on an optimistic note with the question 'where do we go from here?' The authors answer is compelling: 'we're already there'. They see the obstacles to reform as political rather than scientific. They believe that the pressure to change the system will become irresistible. as soon as enough people realise that human lives are lost every day because powerful vested interests are protected over public health.

Kathy Archibald

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