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Purple Poppy

Purple Poppy

Throughout history, animals have suffered and died as a result of human conflicts. Animals killed as a result of human conflict are not heroes but victims. They do not give their lives, their lives are taken. Remember those animal victims this year by wearing a purple poppy.

Double flower with black forget-me-not style centre and green leaf. 46mm.

Note: We are replacing our purple poppy collection with a generic, enamel purple paw badge, more >>. No postage will be charged for UK delivery of this item when ordered on its own or with other poppy products. For delivery outside the UK poppy products cannot be ordered on their own and normal postage rates apply.

Ref: S531

Price: £1.50

A note on fixing your poppy:

The sticky paper on the back of the poppy should become stuck after about half an hour. This allows you to place the poppy and move it if you want to, but once you have stuck it and held it for a little while it should be stuck firmly.
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